MyLoudMind: It’s Your Turn

Despite everything that has been happening, I started thinking about where I wanted this blog to go. I was thinking about the purpose of this blog. Over the past few weeks, I have been approached about a different way to empower people to share their story. I can only talk about myself so much, and only so much I can open up about.

So I have a new idea.

Basically, I want to start something new where people can share their story with their mental illness. I don’t mean a huge essay on your life journey, unless of course you want to do that. I mean sending an experience where you have struggled, how this illness has affected your life, or talking about a loved one who has struggled with mental illness and how this has affected you.

What I would have you do is send me a story or experience that you have. You can send it to me by filling out this google form ( If you would like, you can leave contact information so that we can work together before it is posted on my blog. And of course you can submit anonymously.

The point of this project is to empower people to open up about their stories because everyone has one. I also want to emphasize that no matter what everyone has a right to be heard. Talking about our experiences helps us heal. Seeing that others experience hardships shows us that we are not alone in this giant world.

The submission doesn’t have to be long, and once again it can remain anonymous. I acknowledge that not everyone is as open as me, and is willing to put their story out their for everyone to see. The whole point of this is to share our experiences, and to lower the stigma surrounding mental health.

Mental illness is extremely stigmatized, because no one talks about it. There are people out there that think people with mental illness are monsters or “faking it”, or “just trying to get attention.” Which is extremely false.

I also want everyone who submits to remember that this isn’t a replacement for therapy or treatment. This is simply a way to talk about your struggles, and may be help begin your journey of healing. Talking and being open about our mental illness is the best way to challenge our loud minds, especially when it tells us that we are alone and that no one understands us.

So please if you are interested in this activity when you are at home during this pandemic, message me or fill out this form. If you want, we can work together to write your story. I want people to know that everyone struggles, and everyone has their own story. We are not alone, no matter how bad our loud minds tell us we are.





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