Social media hurt my mental health part 2: Finding Comfort

In my last post this week, I explained how social media harmed my mental health. There are so many negative effect of social media. That being said most people aren’t going to deactivate their accounts on face book or Instagram. Many people including myself need to take much needed breaks but never fully rid ourselves of the app. I personally always find myself back on these apps, and eventually I begin to spiral again.

I also know that I am not alone in feeling this way. I know I am not the only one who compares themselves. I know that I am not the only one who’s mental health is harmed by social media.

So today I have made a post sharing accounts that I follow specifically on instagram that make social media safe for me. We have the power to make social media a safe space for ourselves. Social media is here so we can communicate and make connections. What better way to do that, than to follow people who are interested in the same same things as you. Better yet, we can us social media to follow people who struggle and inspire us through sharing their story. That being said don’t follow people who trigger you, or make you feel like you aren’t sick enough. I personally can’t follow those accounts, because allow for me to compare my issues to theirs which leads to feeling as though I am not sick enough to get help.

Below are accounts of empowerment and positivity. I tried to include a variety, so that it applies to different people, with different interests. I hope you all find at least one that resonates with you.

@i_weigh/ jameelajamiloffical : The reason I choose to put this account at the very top is because Jameela Jamil is an amazing human being and her activism applies to everyone. I put both accounts because one is her official account and the other is a campaign she created to empower people, showing us then we are more than what we weigh. Her posts are focused on mental health and body positivity. She is anti-diet which means she is a public figure who will not endorse any diet product. She also talks a lot about her experiences with eating disorders and other mental illnesses. She is an inspiration and such a strong women. Her posts always make me feel empowered, and they show me that I am not alone in this struggle.

@theshirarose: this Instagram is mostly focused on eating disorders and body positivity at a health at every size approach. Shira Rose actually also has a fashion blog which is awesome. But from what I understand, she recently came forward about her eating disorder which has plagued her for many years. She talks about her experience as a plus sized women with an eating disorder. She talks about how fat phobia prevented doctors and eating disorder clinic from taking her seriously. What I find incredibly helpful from her content is that she is basically saying that no matter what you are sick enough to get help. That gives me comfort.

@thatgrlhannah: I actually know the girl who runs this blog and she is actually so awesome. She talks about her experience serving in the army, and having to deal with the trauma that came from that. She also talks about her eating disorder and talks about body positivity. She shows the world how it’s okay to love yourself no matter your shape or size. She reminds us that we are all beautiful no matter what. If you are looking to follow a positive and genuine Instagram account you should follow hers. I absolutely love it.

@realdepressionproject: This account is awesome because it posts regularly about mental illness. It is supper validating, and just amazing because you really get to see how many people like you are out there. I personally don’t find their posts triggering, or negative. Its more empowering and amazing. That being said I can’t speak for everyone, but I will 100% recommend it.

@alex_elle: I also only started following this account but I really love this girls posts. She writes beautifully about herself and her experiences. She is honest and open which I truly love. She posts quotes and pieces of writing that she has written and poses questions with every post. She brings people together and shows us that we are not alone with our experiences. I find people who do that to be very empowering and personally it makes my experience on social media very positive

@kelvindavis: This is another body positivity account that I found. (I LOVE THESE.) What I love about this account is that it is run by a man. He allows for us to have a different perspective when it comes to loving our bodies. He talks about his experience with shame about his body. To see a man feel so positively about himself is extremely empowering. I also thinks it’s amazing for him to show us that men also experience body shame, because men usually have a hard time speaking about these things. It is important to acknowledge that men can have eating disorders and body dysmorphia. He challenges the stigma and I love it.

@thejessicadore: This account was recommended to me by a friend on both twitter and Instagram and I absolutely love it. She is a social worker who posts about tarot cards and brings together both science and mysticism.  If you don’t know what a tarot card is look at this link This account is so awesome because once again you are given a different perspective coming from astrology. When following these accounts it is extremely important to keep an open mind, and to really internalize the message she is giving you. Each time she posts she shares positivity.

@the.holistic.psychologist: I have been following this account for a while actually. It is very educational and positive. Basically this Instagram account is run by a woman names Dr. Nicole LePera. She is a psychologist, and often talks about trauma. She looks at ways to help you heal on your own. Her account is filled with positive quotes, advice and skills that we can all use to live our lives more fully.

@normaladulthuman: This account posts comments almost daily, sharing positivity. There are little funny drawings with each post too. If you need a pick-me-up, or just something that will make you smile this account is right for you. This is not specifically about mental health, but accounts like these make social media a better place for all of us.

@nourishandeat: When picking accounts for this post, I made sure that these people were ones who share positivity and inspiration. ESPECIALLY WHEN IT COMES TO EATING DISORDERS. This account is run by a woman named Gina Susanna. She is recovered from her eating disorder and is an aspiring therapist. She talks about mental health, more specifically eating disorders. She advocated against detox teas, or other dieting products which are really harmful for your health no matter what others say. She talks about her journey and shows us that recovery from any mental illness is possible.

And that’s the end of the list. I know many of these are body positivity accounts, and not everyone likes them. Personally, I love them because I get to see people advocating for themselves, and that empowers me!! I love those accounts because social media contributes to the hatred I have for my body, and seeing people who are learning to accept theirs empowers me and shows me I’m not alone.

If you have any more accounts that you love and that share positivity put them in the comments below!!

Remember to challenge your loud mind today, because no matter what it says you deserve to live a happy and positive life.

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